Every pair of ceramic earrings that come from my kiln has been handmade and uniquely crafted for a bespoke look. Featuring modern geometric designs, these wearable pieces of modern art are shaped from 100% South African porcelain or black stoneware. I cut, shape and design each pair from wet porcelain/stoneware clay, and then fire it at 1000°C.

Once it comes out of the oven, the earrings are sanded individually and hand-painted with underglazes, oxides and two carat gold lustre, fired

three times throughout the course of creation. This results in smooth, matte porcelain earrings with a shiny gold glaze, which is affixed to a sterling silver post for secure and sterile wear.

As each item is hand-made and fired at extremely high temperatures the color and detail of line-work on the product may vary slightly to that seen on the website.

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