I was born in Bellville, South Africa in 1984 and spent my childhood developing an enduring love for everything related to the arts. After school, I followed this passion to the University of Stellenbosch, where I studied and completed an honours degree in fine arts under the tutelage of Prof. Keith Dietrich and Vivienne van der Merwe.

During these years, I experimented mainly with painting, etching and making use of various mediums within these genres.

Upon completing my honours degree in fine arts in 2006, I felt the need for more stability in my future career path. An initial interest in stage design led me to the seemingly complementary field of architecture, so I furthered my studies at the University of Port Elizabeth in 2007, graduating with a master’s degree in architecture (M. Arch. Prof) in 2011.

I subsequently spent five years honing my architectural craft at a firm in Namibia, where I also had the opportunity to continue making art and develop my collection of functional ceramic pieces.

I recently moved back to South Africa to establish a studio in Cape Town, from where I now pursue my artistic endeavours on a full-time basis.