The current expression of my art takes the form of fine porcelain jewellery, ceramic flatware, as well as original pen, ink and pencil sketches, charcoal drawings and limited-edition digital prints.

My ceramics are hand-crafted, functional and decorative art pieces that celebrate the beauty of organic form. I create my own ongoing collections and bespoke pieces ranging from minimalistic abstract designs and colour exploration, to more detailed pattern- and architectural themes, such as harbour and city silhouettes expressed on dinner plates.

My fascination with old historical buildings and industrial structures originated during

my architectural studies in the port city of Port Elizabeth. The harbour scenes, cranes and colonial architecture present in the old buildings inspired me greatly. This passion only grew during my time in Namibia.

These days my fine art pieces continue to explore buildings, structures and functional ‘machines’ adorning my immediate landscape. But, as I make my way through the world and grow as an artist, I also continue to broaden my horizons and explore new themes that include nature and the human form. Who knows where it may take me next?

Watch this space to stay in the loop.